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Online Selling Tips in Ethiopia

Pick the right price

Price is a big factor for Online Selling Tips in Ethiopia for customer who purchase the item. So before setting the price visit similar ads and set a reasonable and competitive price.

Use great photos

Use clear & actual photos of your product/products. You can use multiple images from different view so buyer will get more clear idea about your item/items.

Provide clear description

Provide clear and detail description of your product. Make sure you’ve added right information about your items.

Contact Us

If you face any problem or did not find the answer to your question in frequently asked question, please feel free to contact us.

About This App

BaleSuQ is a free online marketplace platform in Ethiopia where you can buy and sell almost everything. It’s a place where you can get everything.

ኤሌክትሮኒክስ፣ መኪና፣ ቤት እንዲሁም ማንኛውንም ነገር ለመሸጥ እና ለመግዛት በቀጥታ ሻጭን ከገዥ የሚያገናኘውን ባለሱቅ መተግበሪያን ይጠቀሙ።
???? ነፃ
???? ቀላል
???? ምቹና
ለዘመናዊ ግብይት፥ባለሱቅ አፕ!!

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