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Featured Products

Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Air Bed

❇️ Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Air Bed ⚡Great for camping!👉ዘመናዊ የመኪና ፍራ Br2,500.00 BUY NOW

Kids Smart Watch

Kids Smart Watch ✔️Model: W907 ✔️ Support: Sim Card 🏷ሲም ካርድ የሚቀበል፣ ሚሞሪ የሚቀበል ⚡️T Br1,500.00 BUY NOW

Wireless Powerbank, Speaker & Alarm Clock

Wireless Powerbank, Speaker & Alarm Clock Multifunctional portable wireless Br2,900.00 BUY NOW

3in1 One Step Hair Dryer & Styler

3in1 One Step Hair Dryer & Styler. Curling Hair Straightening Hair Dry Hair Br1,600.00 BUY NOW

Air zoom pegasys 37

Air zoom pegasys 37Made in vitenam Br1,700.00 BUY NOW

Pro sound Box Guitar

Pro sound Box Guitar Br6,500.00 BUY NOW

Smart Watch W26+

Smart Watch W26+ 2021 Model ➡️ የልብ ምትን ይለካል ➡️ ምን ያህል ካሎሪ እንዳቃጠልን ➡️ የደም ግፊትን ይለ Br1,500.00 BUY NOW

Bluetooth Alarm clock Speaker

Bluetooth Alarm clock Speaker Double Alarm Setting Colorful Night Light Time Dis Br1,200.00 BUY NOW

Barbecue Grill

Barbecue Grill ✔️Easy to carry ✔️Perfect for 3-5 people beach family/party. ✔️He Br1,900.00 BUY NOW

Photocatalysis Mosquito Killer Lamp

Photocatalysis Mosquito Killer Lamp.  Material: Plastic Product size: 10 * 17.5c Br900.00 BUY NOW

A9 Mini Wireless Camera

A9 Mini Wireless Camera HD 1080p በጥራት የሚቀርፅ በጨለማ ቦታ ላይ ይቀርፃል 150° ድረስ መስፋት የሚችል Br1,900.00 BUY NOW


SAMSUNG Crystal UHD55-Inch, TU-8000 Series2020 Model 4K UHD HDR Smart TV A Br45,000.00 BUY NOW

Boya Universal Microphone (DOUBLE MIC)

By-M1DM Universal Microphone New Model Boya withTwo Microphone ለዪቲበሮች, ለጋዜጠኞች, ቲ Br1,200.00 BUY NOW

baby embrace

baby embrace for babies. All Original Turkey Brand. Br800.00 BUY NOW

Portable mini photography studio

Portable mini photography studioBest For Product Photography Perfect for Vi Br2,500.00 BUY NOW

Air Purifying Humidifier

Air Purifying Humidifier Power: 0- 25 W Frequency: 50Hz 2 Liter = 1800br 3 Liter Br1,600.00 BUY NOW

Haino Teko Original Ear-pod

Haino Teko Original Ear-pod Original POP-2040 Pro Earpod Original size/Origina Br2,000.00 BUY NOW

T8 laptope stand

0913233466 Flexible Laptop stand with fan for home and office Br2,200.00 BUY NOW

A9 Mimi camera

0913233466 HD Mini wireless Camera with SD card reader and wifi hotspot Br1,900.00 BUY NOW


Prosound box guitar with bag Br6,000.00 BUY NOW

Smart Watch w26

smart watch w26 a great and affordable smartwatch designed for your active life. Br1,800.00 BUY NOW


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