Portable Barbecue Grill (Large)


Portable Barbecue Grill

⚡ለወዳጅ ዘመድዎ የሚሰጡት ምርጥ ስጦታ
⚡ሙቀት-ተከላካይ እና ጭረት-ተከላካይ
⚡ከተጠቀሙ በኋላ አጣጥፈው ማስቀመጥ ይችላሉ
⚡ ሲጠቀሙ ጠፍጣፋ ፣ ጠንካራ ወለል ወይም ጠረጴዛ ላይ ይጠቀሙበት
⚡የመጋገሪያው መረብ ሊወጣ ስለሚችል ለማፅዳት ቀላል ነው

✔ Premium Quantity Material
✔Easy to carry
✔Perfect for 3-5 people beach family/party
✔Heat-resistant and scratch-resistant
✔It can be folded away after you use
✔Use it on a flat, sturdy surface or table
✔Easy to clean as the baking net can be pulled out
✔Perfect Gift

🌀Size: 43*29*24CM

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Portable Barbecue Grill is  charcoal BBQ with a classic option and a go-to for many because it offers that authentic BBQ experience and that deliciously smoky char-grilled flavor.

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