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Magic Hose (45M)


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Magic Hose 45M/150FT, Magic Expanding 3 Times Water Hose with 3/4″ Brass Fittings and Free 8 Function Spray Nozzle for Watering/Gardening/Cleaning.

Magic Hose 45m/150ft
Expandable Water Hose,
Stretched Working Length 45M

⚡️ የውሀውን ፉጥነት / ሀይል የሚጨምር
⚡️ ለቤት ፣ ለወለል ማፆዳት
⚡️ መኪና ለማጠብ እጅግ ተመራጭ

🪞No more Kinks
🪞Automatically Expands
🪞Compact for simple Storage
🪞7 set Spray Gun