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  • 8 in 1 jet water cannon


    EZ jet water cannon

    ⚡️ የውሀውን ፉጥነት / ሀይል  የሚጨምር

    ⚡️ ለቤት ፣ ለወለል ማፆዳት

    ⚡️ መኪና ለማጠብ እጅግ ተመራጭ

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  • A9 Mini Camera Wireless Security Remote Control Monitoring Night Vision Baby Motion Detection Camera 1080p HD IP WiFi Camera. HD 1080p በጥራት የሚቀርፅ በጨለማ ቦታ ላይ ይቀርፃል 150° ድረስ መስፋት የሚችል ሌንስ የተገጠመለት 128GB ሚሞሪ ካርድ (sd card) መቀበል የሚችል የራሱ Wifi Hotspot ያለውና ከሌላ Wifi ጋር መገናኘት የሚችል አፕልኬሽኑን(App) በማውረድ ቀጥታ ስልኮ ላይ መመልከት የሚያስችል የራሱ ማግኔት ስላለው …

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  • Air Purifying Humidifier በኤሌክትሪክ የሚሰራ Capacity: 2.4L Voltage: 220V-240 V Power: 25 W Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz Purify the air & Beautify the Environment Reducing soot soothe fatigue Moisturizing the skin beauty beauty

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  • Arctic Air cooler


    Arctic Air Ultra Cool Your Space Fast & Easy, Portable In Home, Camping, Office Personal cooler. Evaporative air filter with 3 speed control.

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  • Kitchen Sticker


    Kitchen Sticker Wall Stove Aluminium Foil Oil-Proof Stickers Anti-fouling High-Temperature Self-Adhesive Croppable Wallpaper Wall Sticker. Size: 60CM×3M (Golden) Water-proof Oil-proof Hot-proof

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  • Led desk light


    Led desk light, Bed Reading, Book Night Light with Eye Protection Led Table Lamp. White color and flexible 21centimeter.

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  • Mini Sewing Machine አነስተኛ ለቤት ውስጥ አገልግሎት የሚውል የልብስ ስፌት ማሽን ፥ በኤሌትሪክ ኃይል የሚሰራ. #360_Electric_Sewing_Machine: Double Thread Double Speed Simple Sewing Functions Lighting Lamp Thread Cutter Self winding Stainless Steel Hook-tip Sewing 8 layers of denim #Package_List: 1 x Mini Sewing Machine 1 x Foot Switch 1 x Threading Equipment 2 x Bobbin Spool …

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  • Photocatalysis Mosquito Killer Lamp.  Material: Plastic Product size: 10 * 17.5cm Color: White Weight: about 290g Power: DV 5V-1A Power cord length: 108cm Rated power: 5W Rated voltage: 110V ~ 220V Recommendations: 1. Before going to bed, remember to turn on your mosquito killer at least 3 hours in advance. Keep the mosquito killer in a dark area.

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  • Portable Electric Lunch Box


    Portable Electric Lunch Box. The lunch box is divided in two parts, you can put rice, noodle in a larger part and soup or salad in a smaller part.

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  • Special Base For Washing machine & Refrigerator የፍሪጅ፣ የልብስ፣ እና የተለያዩ እቃዎች ማስቀመጫ እና ማንቀሳቀሻ። 138 ኪ.ግ ድረስ መሸከም የሚችል, 56*56 ሳ.ሜ ድረስ መለጠጥ የሚችል ወይም ከዛ በታች በምንፈልገዉ መጠን ማስተካከል የሚቻል ✔️#Height: 10cm ✔️#Maximum_Load: 138kg ✔️#Maximum_Stretch: 56×56cm

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  • Water dispenser


    Water dispenser offers a variety of water dispensers to fit your home or office needs. Browse our selection here and order yours today!

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