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  • 3-IN-1 One Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer & Styler – Perfectly combine a hairdryer with styling comb. You can blow-dry hair and make your hair curly or straight. Curling Hair Straightening Hair Dry Hair

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  • Dancing cactus toy for babies. Cute and fun cactus shaped plush toy can dance, sing, move, turn around. The toy will dance for a hours. Dancing Cactus Toy/ የሕጻናት አጫዋች በቻርጅ የሚሰራ ድምጽ / ሙዚቃ ሲከፈት የሚደንስ የልጆችን ትኩረት የሚስብ ልጆች በሚናገሩትን ደግሞ እያወራ የሚያዝናናቸው

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  • Kids Projector Painting Desk


    Kids Projector Painting Desk

    👉የልጆች ስዕልና ጽሁፍ መለማመጃ
    ከ 3 አመት ጀምሮ ለሆኑ ልጆች የሚሆን 24 የተለያዩ መማሪያ የሚሆኑ ስእሎች ያሉት

    👉Learning Set For Kids
    🪞 3 Picture Discs
    🪞 Each With 8 Image
    🪞 With 3 Different Color Crayons
    🪞Size: 25CM*21CM*35CM

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  • Facial Steamer

    ✔️ የውሀ እንፋሎት የፊትዎን ቀዳዳ በመክፈት ቆሻሻ ውልቅ ብሎ እንዲወጣ ይረዳል
    ✔️ Blackheads በማለስለስ ለማስወገድ ይረዳል
    ✔️ የሞቀ የእንፋሎት የደም ሥሮችዎን እንዲከፈቱ እንዲሁም የደም ዝውውር እንዲጨምር ያደርጋል
    ✔️ Steam ቦታዎች መሄድ ሳይጠበቅቦት በቤትዎ የፊትዎን ቆዳ ውበት ይጠብቁ

    ❇️ NTFS Facial Steamer
    ⚡️Material: Plastic
    ⚡️Color: Pink
    ⚡️Voltage: 220V
    ⚡️Capacity: 50ml
    ⚡️Steam time: approx.18 minutes
    ⚡️Heating time: 3-5 minutes
    ⚡️Steam temperature: ± 45°C
    ⚡️Power consumption: about 110W

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