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  • Car Electric Mug

    👉መኪናዎ ውስጥ ሆነው በቀላሉ ሻይ ቡና አፍልተው፣ ሞቅ አርገዉ መጠጣት የሚያስችል

    ✔️With this electrical thermal mug, you can re-heat your tea or coffee any time.

    ✔️Simply connect to the cigarette lighter in your vehicle, and you can enjoy your warm cup of coffee even during the cold season.

    ✔️Extra slim mug base, suitable for almost all car cup holders.
    ✔️Material: stainless steel
    ✔️ Water Capacity: 450ml

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  • Inflatable Car Air Mattress Bed 


    Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Air Bed
    ⚡Great for camping!

    👉ዘመናዊ የመኪና ፍራሽ ምቹ ተጣጣፊ የሆነ የራሱ ፖምፕ ያለዉ ከመኪናዉ ሞጂለተር ጋር ተገናኝቶ ፓምፕ ይደረጋል 2 ትንንሽ ትራሶች ጋር

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